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A Little Light Music


We are a one-stop shop for world class music from Electro Pop to Classic tracks.

For licensing, syncs and songwriting opportunities please contact:

A Little Light Music
(702) 203-3790
Electro Pop Cues
1. Mau5's Dance
2. Punk Rolling
3. Popcorn, Hot & Buttered
4. Harrassing Calvin
5. Kieza's Hideaway
6. Calvin's Summer
7. Guetta's  Bounce
8. Wave at Mr. Probz
Classic Cues
1.   Circus March
2.   Ominous Percussion
3.   Fantasy Waltz
4.   Pagan Dance
5.   String Trio
6.   Amadeus
7.   Wild Waltz
8.   Amelie's Tango in Paris
9.   Stately Piano
10. Playful Percussion
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A Little Light Music


Custom tracks available upon request

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